The Genius Exchange is where extraordinary interior designers and their teams gather to advance their businesses with proven principles for rapid growth.

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If it is your goal, there’s no question that you can do it. We’re here to propel your business to the next level.

You’re cooped up at home and you may feel stressed, unsure of the future and worried about finances. If you’re like most of our clients, you’re juggling work with home-schooling, cooking, and cleaning.  What will you do to gain control over what your business will look like when life returns to the new normal?

And since the economy is in massive flux, your savings may have taken a big hit. Plus, you are probably uncertain about how to market in today’s new “abnormal.”

How long will this pandemic continue, and what does it mean to the future of your business and your life?  Frankly, many people will simply throw up their hands, and freeze with fear about making the wrong decisions. But YOU don’t have to.

The truth is: You are not alone. You can learn what works today and instantly apply these recommendations to your business.  You can find answers to your challenges and shortcuts to an easier and more profitable business.  You will be inspired to innovate and think big.

Hear from our friend, Beth Krupa, for example of how the Genius Exchange helped her through a challenging time in her life:

"Going into the Genius Exchange the first half of 2019... had a -$48,000 profit... I was actually really glad I was there that weekend. It just gave me the wake-up call I needed. I knew I was capable... As soon as I left the conference... and by the end of 2019 ended up with $383,000 in gross sales, eliminated the negative net profit."

Beth Krupa

Beth Krupa

And, you can achieve the confidence you need to be massively successful.

Renew your passion. Connect with like-minded people.
Ignite your determination and confidence.
All from the comfort of your home, office or back yard.

In other words: Fill up with the exact knowledge that will allow you to succeed no matter what the challenges you are experiencing in your business or personal life.

Dynamic and well-known Keynote Speakers will address current challenges with inspirational and insightful topics that will  provide clear takeaways that will yield  immediate results in your business.

Learn the shortcuts to building a vastly more profitable and passion-filled creative business in just two days

As one of many happy clients put it, “I learned how to prioritize my business tasks and stop doing things that don’t move the needle.”

Our event guarantees you a foothold to position you well to confidently master the crises and bring in steady cash flow. Our community of design leaders and experts is joining together to help you gain the skills and confidence to be more successful than you ever imagined.

Hundreds of extraordinary Interior Designers from around the country gather at our Virtual Genius Exchange -- no travel required --  to experience breakthroughs, aha moments, and a renewed love for their business.

Join our family of generous and supportive peers to rethink what makes your business unique, why you are an interior designer, and how you will bring beauty and purpose to your clients. 

And attending the game changing Genius Exchange costs less than you probably think. 

You may recall that the 2019 In-Person Genius Exchange Event price was $2,500, plus travel expenses which could easily be more than $2,000.  Since a traditional in-person event is not feasible today, and money is so precious, we slashed the price so you can access these great speakers who will inspire you and give you the answers you have been looking for. Even one great nugget could help you generate 10X the return on your investment in yourself.

You’ll network with a world-class, loving community of pros willing to share their secrets with you.


Learn to build, run, and sustain the interior design business of your dreams with mastery and confidence.  First and foremost, if you are seeking out ways to differentiate yourself or launch a new marketing strategy, you’ll be glad you gained new insights and strategies from some of the top designers and experts in the industry.

Especially if you’re feeling unsure or even frozen, come and get unstuck. Remove complications that lock you into yesterday’s status quo. You will meet new friends that you will love and enjoy for years to come . . . you will feel like you’ve found your business home.

Designer-friendly resources will lead you to innovate and think bigger:

  • 18 Mentor Sessions - TedX style. Short and sweet - 15-minute sessions with at least 5 - 7 big ideas per speaker covering the latest challenges, trends and innovative strategies shaping design firms today
  • Interactive Mastermind Sessions - discussions led by top designers who have followed Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting recommendations and who have experienced amazing results - doubling their revenue, tripling their profit and more.
  • 3 Industry and Expert Keynote Speakers | Interviews - sharing their secrets for innovation and success.
  • Awards - honoring the 2019 break-through achievements of Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting’s top clients.
  • Network with other designers for 2 days – making connections that will become life-long friendships.
  • Walk out with a 60-day plan to implement your new priorities

Inside Genius Exchange

You’ll hear from amazing Interior Designers who will share their real-world tips and advice for rapid, consistent growth... and for avoiding mental roadblocks. You’ll discover how they created innovative and financially successful design firms.


Discover how to maximize your time and energy by avoiding repetitive tasks and frustrating conversations with employees that make repeated mistakes. 


You’ll find out how to rise above your competition by joining an elite group of designers who use best practices, proven strategies and cutting-edge tactics to grow their business and profits.

Message from our Co-Founder

To: Extraordinary Interior Designers

From the desk of Erin Weir

Whether you are new to Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting or you’ve known us for some time, you know that our strength is helping people just like you rethink their business with the proven tools, best practices, and insightful resources to achieve exciting growth this year and beyond.

Sadly, today’s business environment presents a lot more roadblocks, challenges, and detours for designers than ever. Today you must have solid real-world wisdom to motivate you and keep your vision alive. We have been where you are, and it is our mission to pioneer coaching and consulting that helps you create unparalleled results.

Our coaching and consulting clients are beyond delighted with the breakthroughs we have helped them make. They made  discoveries that allowed them to do more for clients, their staff, and within their own families that wouldn’t have been possible before.

You’re in for a real treat at the 2020 Genius Exchange.

Devoted to your success,


Erin Weir

Vice President & Co-Founder
Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting

We Care About Your Success

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When you’re looking for training, motivation, and practical tools to move your business forward, the Genius Exchange is the place you need to be. Our focus is

real-world advice that leads to real-world results. You’ll always feel like you get the whole story with nothing held back.

We never compromise when it comes to your business - we promise to over-deliver. We’re known for helping design teams come together to fast-track their vision. Honestly, we’ve crammed so much into the two days, you’ll wonder what to apply first.  

However, don’t worry! At the end of Day 2, Gail will help you create a plan to implement when you get back to your studio. Your mind will be overflowing with ideas and inspiration.

And, once you attend, you’ll find yourself coming back year after year, just as all our long-time friends do.

What others have said about the Genius Exchange


The person standing in the way of my business... is me

Delegate to move faster…

I discovered how I could have a lifestyle driven business.

I learned how to prioritize my business tasks and stop doing things that don’t move the needle.

I am my brand.

...setting up systems will save time.

I came because I needed to make a decision about my business – go forward or quit

Get out of the weeds... instead of a job vs. manage your business

Strive for excellence, not perfection!

It's about building relationships with everyone

Treat yourself as the CEO

You don’t have to be the owner to be a leader.

Procrastination is expensive!

The joy is in the journey.

Spend more time in the Zone of Genius.

Can you afford to miss out?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What makes the Genius Exchange different?

A: Our event is called Genius Exchange because we bring together the perfect mix of top people whose skills and achievements foster the exchange of ideas, best practices, and inspiration. You’ll come away with solid and instructive strategies, tips, and principles that will move you to the next level.


Q: Should I bring my team?

A: First-time attendees who don’t bring their teams realize their mistake when they get home. They lose time bringing their team up to speed with all that they have learned and now want to implement. Owners have seen a more significant commitment from team members after they’ve attended Genius Exchange. Your team will learn alongside you and attend roundtable discussions specifically for them.

Network and Make New Friends

A designer’s dream is networking with generous and super successful peers who love sharing and helping. Let’s face it: we’re all looking for the ‘easy’ button. No one understands your challenges better than other designers and hanging out with extraordinary people for two days is nirvana. 

Sharing what’s working in your business could be just what your friends need to know. We enjoy being around people with the same positive worldview. Being around peers smooths out the bumps in the road with easy-going conversations and stress-relieving laughter.

Virtual mastermind sessions

Team Member mastermind round tables will focus on issues that are specific to firms with teams. When teams create together there’s synergy vs. teams that are trying to cobble together processes and systems as they go. We believe your teams, as your human assets, need enrichment and motivation as much as you do.


If you’ve never attended Genius Exchange, naturally you’re wondering if it’s worth your investment of time and money. Let me share with you what last year’s attendees learned when they brought their teams and their takeaways:

“Bringing my team is investing in my people”

“I'm proud to have my team with me”

"My team member learned about leadership"

“Empower your team”

“Once we get back, we will hit the ground running, because we were learning and strategizing together”

Our Genius Exchange vision is to bring together extraordinary interior designers and their teams to work on their businesses and share best practices in a lively and idea-packed two days. 


Attending Genius Exchange is guaranteed to re-energize and inspire you with insights and innovative ideas that will increase your income and bottom line.


If you want higher-paying projects, bold new business opportunities, and to be a more effective leader, this year’s event is a must attend.  Join us at the 2020 Genius Exchange.

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  • Nurture existing relationships to build a bond even if you talk all the time

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