Genius Exchange 2021 - Breakthrough

July 16 - 17, 2021
10 AM ET - 6 PM ET

The Genius Exchange is where extraordinary interior designers and their teams gather to advance their businesses with proven principles for rapid growth.

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A sudden advance in
knowledge and understanding.

You may be stuck and not where you want to be in your life or business, or you can’t quite figure out how to take your business to the next level.

Fill up with the exact knowledge that will help you succeed no matter what the challenges you are experiencing in your business or personal life and achieve the confidence you need to be massively successful.

Renew your passion. Connect with like-minded people.
Ignite your determination and confidence.
All from the comfort of your home, office or back yard.

You can learn what works today and instantly apply these recommendations to your business. You can find answers to your challenges and shortcuts to an easier and more profitable business. You will be inspired to innovate and think big. One breakthrough is all you need to change your business and your life - and our 2021 Genius Exchange will provide many opportunities!

Our community of extraordinary design leaders and experts is joining together on July 16 - 17 at our 2021 Virtual Genius Exchange to help you gain the skills and confidence to be more successful than you ever imagined.

Hundreds of Interior Designers from around the country will gather -- no travel required -- to experience breakthroughs, aha moments, and a renewed love for their business.

Join our family of generous and supportive peers to rethink what makes your business unique, why you are an interior designer, and how you will bring beauty and purpose to your clients.


(Photo credit @bakerbroductions)

Dynamic and well-known Keynote Speakers will address inspirational and insightful topics that will provide clear takeaways to yield immediate results in your business.

Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz

Bestselling author of Profit First, Clockwork, and Fix This Next has a new book called Get Different: Marketing That Can't Be Ignored!

Keynote Topic:
“Different Is Better: Why It Works, Why It Doesn't”

Earl Spencer

Charles, 9th Earl Spencer

Author, broadcaster and brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, launched the Althorp Living History home furnishing line in 2004, manufactured by Theodore Alexander.

Keynote Topic:
"The Art of Storytelling & Your Brand"

Hear first-rate Featured Speakers talk about themes and trends that can transform your business.

Bobby Bonett

Bobby Bonett

VP Digital, SANDOW Design Group & Managing Director, The Agency by SANDOW

Feature Topic:
"Golden Rules for Social Media Etiquette"

Kim Raymond

Kim Raymond

Owner - Principal Architect of Kim Raymond Architecture + Interiors

Feature Topic:
"The Future is Faster Than You Think"

Along with the keynotes described above, Gail will share concepts and concrete, specific advice that will yield vast opportunities for both your professional and personal life.

Gail Doby

Gail Doby's Sessions

  • Business Breakthrough… Your Creative Value Blueprint™ to Get Paid What You’re Worth
  • Your Belief Breakthrough
  • The Power of Consistency
  • The Art of Impossible

Thank you Gail for always having your finger on the pulse. It was bold and brave and NEEDED to take on some of the topics you took on. I know I have my forever mentor and coach in you and Erin and team. ♥


Wonderful great day! So loved being with several of you during break out time and thank you for the speakers, so much good info to encourage and challenge us! Thanks, GDCC team! xo B


I think the bonus of this event is like GAIL is taking us Under the HOOD to reveal all that makes things not scary. Great examples with the CASE Studies. Bravo! I feel like I went to OZ to meet the Wizard...(GAIL). I got COURAGE!


Thank you for all your amazing work!! The last two days unfolded easily (for participants) seamlessly—I’m sure driven by so much hard work and coordination on the GDCC team’s part. So happy to have been here and thank you again!


Learn the shortcuts to building a vastly more profitable and passion-filled creative business in just two days

You’ll hear from amazing Interior Designers who will share their real-world tips and advice for rapid, consistent growth... and for avoiding mental roadblocks. You’ll discover how they created innovative and financially successful design firms.

Discover how to maximize your time and energy by avoiding repetitive tasks and frustrating conversations with employees that make repeated mistakes.

You’ll find out how to rise above your competition by joining an elite group of designers who use best practices, proven strategies and cutting-edge tactics to grow their business and profits.

Designer-friendly resources will lead you to innovate and think bigger:

  • Owner & Team Mentor Sessions - covering the latest challenges, trends and innovative strategies shaping design firms today
  • Interactive Mastermind Sessions - led by top designers and industry experts
  • Awards - honoring the 2020 breakthrough achievements of Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting’s top clients.
  • Network with other designers for 2 days – making connections that will become life-long friendships.


Breakthrough your roadblocks and challenges to build, run, and sustain the interior design business of your dreams with mastery and confidence. First and foremost, if you are seeking out ways to differentiate yourself or launch a new marketing strategy, you’ll be glad you gained new insights and strategies from some of the top designers and experts in the industry.

Especially if you’re feeling unsure or even frozen, come and get unstuck. Remove complications that lock you into yesterday’s status quo. You will meet new friends that you will love and enjoy for years to come . . . you will feel like you’ve found your business home.

Connect with exciting leading industry experts who will present timely topics specifically for owners and their teams. Expect new ideas, networking and practical tips in a framework that will inspire you and give you the breakthrough tools of success.

Owner Breakouts

Reality Shifts: What Consumers Want and How They Want It

Dawn Brinson

Dawn Brinson
Vice President, Strategic Marketing, The Media Matters, Inc.

The Broken Chain - Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Outlook

Kevin Bowman

Kevin Bowman
President & COO, Hickory Chair

Team Breakouts

Communicating with Clarity &
The Power of Micro Storytelling

Nancy Greystone

Nancy Greystone
Owner, Communicating with Clarity & Instructor,
Art Center College of Design

Perfecting Relationships
with Personality Profiling

Jaime Rowe

Jaime Rowe
Sales Strategist, Impact To Income

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